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With my husband and I both being ultra runners, one of my biggest challenges has been balancing training, family life with our toddler, and our busy work schedules.  Adam takes both of our schedules into account, while striking a balance for family time. Since working with him I have seen improvements in my own fitness, and I feel there is much more sustainability in my training without sacrificing important time as a family.”   - Erin S.


I felt the benefits of Adam’s creative workouts immediately translated to my fitness, to my strength, and in my running efficiency. I’m training smarter than I ever have, have never performed better, and have remained injury-free because of Adam’s background in endurance physiology. The results in my life are by far the most significant and telling about the way Adam works as a coach. To call Adam as just a running coach is a gross understatement. He’s a listener. There’s no other way to put it: Adam is whole-heartedly there for me as an athlete, but what’s more, he’s standing for my success and meets me where I am - physically, mentally, and emotionally each week.”    - Gwen G.

Adam takes a data-driven yet personal approach to coaching which places a strong emphasis on finding a balance between training and day-to-day life.  Instead of assigning workouts based on a predefined template, he looks at data from each run and makes adjustments accordingly. Since he coaches both my wife and I, Adam takes both of our training needs into consideration when scheduling runs, ensuring we are both able to complete our runs while still have time together as a family.”    - Matt S.

I consulted Adam on my training and became excited to change my plans based on his guidance and expertise. He gave me thoughtful, focused workouts that allowed me to race confidently and perform 45 minutes faster than my goal time. Throughout training, Adam cared not only about how running was going but also how that balanced with life demands. Adam’s training approach is geared towards quality and consistency, and my training plan was a great roadmap with built-in flexibility due to my demanding travel schedule.”   - Erika H.

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