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Personalized Family & Individual Coaching for Endurance Athletes

Families first, then athletes. Collectively we have lives, families, and responsibilities. Will these obligations come in the way of your training...absolutely, but my goal is to plan for these dynamics. Through transparency for both partners, custom training will allow fitness improvements to be mutual and balanced. My objective for all athletes is to provide healthy, honest, and empowering stability to your lives.

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About Me

So who am I? I'm Adam: an uncle, scientist, people manager, data dork, and yes an endurance athlete. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado, with post degree training and expertise in data science and project management. My personal athletic life began in the world of bodybuilding which demands precision and detail. Since becoming an endurance athlete in 2014, I have covered distances from 5K to 100 miles.

I have learned that passion for goals in the absence of honest guidance can create personal imbalances on performance potential. Therefore, I pass my knowledge on to enable others through honesty, integrity, and empathy.  My mission for athletes is to ensure we establish and build a healthy relationship with your fitness.


To instill fundamentals which will make a long-term, sustainable impact on your family fitness and overall life.

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We allocate a certain amount of time to each aspect of our lives. The fundamental pillar of training will be routine and consistency. With this fundamental, we can build a solid training plan around your life as an individual, a couple, or a family.

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With consistency comes balance, honesty, and control. As training becomes more specific to key areas of fitness, the accountability of self control enables you to accomplish personal workouts.

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The intensity of workouts will be aligned to make improvements on key areas of fitness while striking a healthy balance within your individual, couple, or family dynamic.

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As a function of the latter three fundamentals, volume comes last. The goal is to establish a healthy and positive dynamic of these principles which lead to fitness specific outcomes in volume.


With information derived from personal historical data and baseline testing, fitness methodologies are implemented based on key physiological principles. My targeted analytical approach is aimed to build consistent fitness while reducing injury risk.



Who do I coach? Families and athletes who wish to challenge how they view their fitness, through an honest lens. My services are currently for local or remote athletes after initial consultation. You will not receive basic training plans as I provide customized, genuine guidance for athletes interested in foreseeing healthy, realistic results. 





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Time constraints of managing multiple athletes within your partnership will be balanced around family and career obligations. This entails my individualized coaching aspects for each athlete, while improving your partner balance. The end goal of this service will be mutual time optimization without the use of external family services.


You will receive weekly, highly individualized training which includes exclusive contact, goal specific workouts, and consistent feedback on fitness progress around personal obligations. Our end goal will be to establish baseline fitness, learn about personal opportunities, while developing confidence with your health.

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Would you rather have race-specific strategy instead of customized training? I will analyze your current fitness and build race-specific planning around previous results. The service will guide race strategies and planning around current fitness.


For pricing and inquiries, please contact:

Adam Chapman

Boulder, CO, USA

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